Red plancton

In the spring in Norway there is a blooming in the sea of a very small copepod called Red Plankton. (Calanus Finmarchius)
Red in colour and with a very good taste and flavour. We fish this by special devised trawls.
The product is very suitable for tropical fish feed but can also be used dried for human consumption.

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Red crustacean powder

We have a new fishery for a small red  crustacean (very red colour) – this can be used both as an additive in human foods or in hatcheries for new  borne fish or shrimps. Can be supplied  frozen  or  dried.

Salmon oil/Fish meal

Norway has an enormous activity in salmon farming. When the salmon is filleted there remains a large quantity of intestines/heads etc. These are converted into salmon oil and salmon fish meal. Salmon oil has a market in Turkey/Asia and other places for fish feed. Can also be used as shrimp farming feed.

The oil is normally exported in containers each ca 22 MT and has a natural market in Europe and Asia. It is also possible to send the salmon oil in IBC tanks packed in containers. The meal in big bags 1000 kilos, but alternative packings can be discussed.

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Salmon by-products

We can supply salmon backbones, salmon heads and salmon skin + salmon bits & pieces (leftovers from the processing)

Salmon Skin

Salmon Heads

We supply salmon heads (frozen). Please note that the product can be supplied in V-cut or straight cut.

Sea cucumbers

Along Norways very long and unpolluted coast you find sea cucumbers. To harvest them is a new fishery but we believe with large potential.

There are 2 types – Stichopus Tremulus and Cucumaria Frondosa.

Stichopus Tremulus can be supplied dried of frozen.


It is normally the muscle which is frozen and exported. Scientific name “Buccinum undatum”.



Scientific name Placopecten Magellanicus. Packed in 2 sizes – either 10/20 pieces / lbs or 20/30 pieces per lbs. 


Photos winter skate peeled and unpeeled.

Peeled and unpeeled winter skate.

Barndor Skate

Barndoor skate peeled and unpeeled


In Norway we have a large fishery for the stone crab  “Cancer pagurus“. We can supply whole crab or peeled crab meat.