Dogfish fins

The majority of the volumes in this division of the company consist of wings & tails from the dog fish (Squalus Acanthias / Chien de Mer) This small shark is fished all over the world and the flaps and backs are sold mainly in Germany and France. From the shark the tails and fins are cut off and frozen and sold to a large market in Asia as ingredients for the famous shark-fin soup.

We supply frozen or dried dogfish tails and fins. Scientific name dogfish: Squalus acanthias.
Photographer: Pål Thomas Sundhell
Credit: Norwegian Seafood Export Council

Dogfish eggs

When processing the dog fish the eggs can be preserved.
They look like yellowish ping pong balls. The eggs are frozen for two different markets,
– in Japanese kitchen for the so-called “karasumi”
– as a feed in the eel farming industry (glass eels) as a feed for new borne eels.

The main market for this product is the West African countries but other markets are also developing