Cod Heads

An important by-product is dried cod head, dried in a similar way as the stockfish.
This forms a somewhat cheaper product than the Stockfish. The cod heads are packed into hessian bags of 30 kg
The main market for this product is the West African countries but other markers are also developing

Cod heads

Cod liver

The cod liver is used for sandwich spread in certain markets – in particular East European countries.

The cod liver oil is very rich in vitamin A/D – will be supplied in drums for local re-packing.

Cod Roe

Cod stomachs

Sterna Seafood export frozen cod stomachs – well cleaned (See photos below) Used for food in Japan, China and Korea. Contact us for more information.

Cod Milt

The cod milt is used for fish soups in certain markets in Asia.

Cod Tongues

Cod tongues are pan fried and are considered a delicacy as appetizer in several countries such as Spain/ Canada/ USA

Cod backbones with maw

See pictures of cod backbones with maw – a large by-product from the Norwegian winter-fishing for cod (Gahus Morhua)